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Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2021

Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL is the premier patrolling event of the British Army which is held in Wales and hosted by Headquarters 160th (Welsh) Brigade.

Planning for the Exercise continues and the dates for Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL 2021 are 8 – 17 October. The DIN has been published and is now available by registering on this website or by contacting

Latest news

Data Entry

Thu 30 Sep 2021

Could all units please ensure they have completed the following forms on the website:

Patrol Composition
Start Standard Declaration
Equipment Register

Please ensure you also print off these forms, from the website or from the JI's, and bring the hardcopy to the event as a means of back up.

Thank You for your co-operation

Joining Instruction published

Thu 26 Aug 2021

The Cambrian Patrol 21 joining instructions have now been published and are available via your dahsboard account.

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Cambrian Patrol entries are now closed.

Thu 5 Aug 2021

Payments are due

Tue 20 Jul 2021

The CP21 fee is due for payment.  If you do not make this payment you will NOT be able to complete the rest of the registration / administration process.

Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL is delivered by Headquarters 160th (Welsh) Brigade on behalf of Commander Field Army; the Exercise has been running for over 60 years and is the British Army’s principle All Arms Patrol Exercise and is open to all three Services (Regular and Reserve) and International participants are encouraged and welcome to take part.

Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL is a mission focused and scenario based exercise. The Exercise is not a competition, although patrol performance is assessed throughout and rewarded on performance. The exercise construct tests Basic Battle Craft Skills at the UK Military Annual Training Test (MATT) level, enabled by good leadership and navigation.

The Exercise is currently made up of eight phases, each of 48 hrs, over 10 days. Each patrol will cover approximately 60 kms (average climb and descent is over 1000m) carrying approx. 35 kgs per person. The Exercise is designed to be arduous and all participants must be prepared both mentally and physically for the challenge ahead.

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